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My Poetry



My Life stood a wormy tree

Hiding by a mountain road

Then chopped down, chipped, and

Left for dross was taken by the wind


Now it flies along the vents

Seeks places it might shine

Though fast life and experience

Have picked its surface clean


Will it stay and search for more

Or will it cut the losses

Fly back to a quiet lane

Hold sway with wisdom’s hostess


Anne Morin


MY Novel


My Web Pages

A number of years ago, I began collecting horse poems as a birthday gift for my daughter, Nico Wind.  By 2001, I had collected 41 poems and put them, with graphics I found on the web, in a notebook.  She loved this gift more, she said, than any other I'd given her, so I decided to find 42 more poems for 2002; 43 more for 2003; 44 more for 2004; 45 more for 2005; 46 more for 2006, and 47 more for 2007,  48 for 2008, 49 for 2009, 50 for 2010 and now, at last, I'm working on the last - 51 for 2011 - which I have presented to her on each of those birthdays in March.  This means, not that we're counting, that we now have more than 500 poems for Nico Wind!
A dream of a dear friend of mine, Chris Poole-Jones, and her sorority, this project was dear to my heart.  Because June Key was an administrator I admired and feel indebted to in many ways, I decided to help the sorority build a little webpage until they get enough money to hire a "real" professional.
One of my favorite creations is a site for my high school's 50th reunion, that took place in Bend, Oregon, in September, 2009.  Truthfully, I graduated from Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia, but I was there only a short time, and so my class and Bend and I have agreed that I may be considered a graduate of Bend Senior High School.  Go Lava Bears!
This nationally known poet and storyteller has been a family friend for more than 40 years!  Here's the site I designed and now keep up for him. 

Jim Pepper Arts Festival (NO LONGER POSTED)
Jim Pepper and I met back in the late seventies or early eighties at Roosevelt High School.  (I'd enjoyed his music at a number of venues around Portland but didn't get to know him on a personal basis until the gig at Roosevelt where I was working as an ESL teacher.)  He was able to perform for the entire student body; kids were absolutely transfixed by his presence, wisdom and incredible talent.  I became an instant fan.  When I learned that a festival might be held in Portland in Jim's honor, I wanted to get involved.  And so I built the page, hoping we could use it to raise funds and awareness about Jim's incredible contribution to jazz and to our city and state.  The festival has been, well, let us say, detained for an indefinite period of time.  But because I yearn for it to manifest itself some day, I will keep this memory of a dream alive by continuing to talk about it.   
(There are many other such pages; the above gives you a general idea of my work and interests.)

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